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Accidents Happen

When enrolled in the LPP, you will not be held liable for theft of the instrument or accidental damage that falls outside of routine maintenance so long as the following criteria is met:

Payment for the LPP must be made at the time of your trial lease.
LPP prices vary depending upon the instrument being leased and the duration of the trial lease period. (Exact pricing is shown at checkout.)
In the event of theft of the instrument, you must provide a police report within 72 hours of incident.
The LPP is void if no police report is provided.
The LPP covers the damage to or the theft of the leased instrument. Enrollment in the LPP does not provide a replacement instrument. If a leased instrument is stolen or damaged beyond repair and another instrument is required, you must complete a new lease agreement to obtain another instrument.
In the event of theft or damage, LTOPP credits are not transferable to a new lease or instrument if a new lease is completed.
Missing instruments left at school for return without first having notified Russo Music will not be covered by the LPP.
The LPP is void in the event of past due accounts. The LPP will be reinstated if and when the account is brought current.
Instruments damaged due to malicious or negligent behavior will not be covered under the LPP.