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 Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions for the rental portion of the website! Here, you will be able to find answers to questions that parents often come across with instrument rentals for school. 
What if our child seems to lose interest?  
At a younger age, a child’s interest can run hot and cold.  We often see children briefly lose interest only to become very excited again later.  Speak to your school’s Music Director for ways to help keep them motivated.  Summer is a great time of year to take your family to see live music and many areas offer a series of outdoor concerts.  

Should we lease the instrument over the summer?  

Yes, most customers find it beneficial to the child.  Your Music Director will be giving your child a summer assignment, so they will stay interested and be ready for next year.  A summer music enrichment program will be offered for band and string orchestra students.  It is also important to remember that continuing this year’s lease guarantees you last year’s prices and lease rates.  

How do we go about buying the instrument?  

With the lease to own program, you are automatically building credit toward the instrument purchase.  For most instruments, it takes a little over two years to pay off the balance.  In addition to lease credits, we also offer discounts off any remaining balance over $100.   Please remember that in order to build credit, payments must be continuous—if you return the instrument and take out a different one in the fall, you will forfeit this year’s credit.  String students are advised to ask their teacher if they are ready to play a full-size instrument before purchasing the instrument.  It is best to lease the smaller size string instruments.    
If you have any further questions, contact the lease department at [email protected]  We would be happy to help in any way that we can.           
Thank you for this opportunity to serve you!