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Clarinet Rental

Clarinet Rental
Clarinet rentals start at $30 per month. Promotional rates are available seasonally. Begin your rental to view current promotions. 

Description & Specs



Key: B flat

The Clarinet is a Woodwind instrument first developed by Johann Denner in 1700. It's easily recognized by its black cylindrical body and its rich, yet mellow sound. When you blow in a Clarinet, the reed vibrates against the mouthpiece and that vibration creates the sound. Clarinets are a staple of classical music, and can be heard extensively in early 20th century Jazz music.

Your rental will come in a hard shell case with one reed and a swab for routine maintenance. All instrument leases are enrolled in our Lease-To-Own Purchase Plan (LTOPP) in which a portion of your lease payments will go towards purchase of the instrument. Under the LTOPP, you are under no obligation to purchase the instrument.