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Flute Rental

Flute Rental
Flute rentals start at $30 per month. Promotional rates are available seasonally. Begin your rental to view current promotions.

Description & Specs





One of humanities oldest instruments, the flute has come in many shapes and sizes over the last few thousand years. A reedless Woodwind instrument, the Flute works by blowing across a hole in the top (known as the “embouchure”) to create a siphon effect. The western flute we know today has been in its current form since the mid 1800’s and is usually in the key of C, with some variations available.

Your rental will come in a hard shell case with a cleaning rod for routine maintenance. All instrument leases are subject to this Lease-To- Own Purchase Plan (LTOPP) in which a portion of lessee’s (“you” or “your”) lease payments will go towards purchase of the instrument. Under the LTOPP, you are under no obligation to purchase the instrument.